I’m looking for 200b for the Vangel.
I’m looking for 130b for the Whiptail.
I’m looking for 120b for the Caedes.

All done.


Bump, almost as cool as a Raven State :upside_down_face:


120 b


150 b

im out , not worth the isk

Thanks for the offers, I guess. Bump.

New ship added.

100 for the whiptail

110 for the whiptail

120 Whip

How many Moracha you got?

OP: Mail sent to you regarding Whiptail sir.

No love for the Vangel? Sad…

i would take your whiptail

Whiptail sold. Will sell Vangel for 185 if someone is ultra keen.


Vangel sold, and on an unrelated note, WTS a Caedes now too - 120b ideally.

Bump! Last one I’ve got.