WTS Virtuoso ⭐

show me a single person who would pay 200B for that , so i guess your are the scammer

show me a single person who would sell a vangel for 100b, guess you’re a scammer too then

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Cheapest Virtuoso being sold by me!

If anyone is actually checking this thread, and you want a virtuoso, speak to me and Ill sell you one for far less than this clown.

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no you are not


good luck scammer

Just because there’s other people who are willing to rip themselves off doesn’t mean that i need to undercut them. Also @Dirty_Camper
WTS Vangel <-going back to this

and this it looks like you just want to lowball people for cheap ships

of course since when you start a trade with a max offer? On the other hand you trying to sell ships for 200% and call them “cheapest”

Is there a reason i can’t price my ships however i want? Sure, it might take a little while to sell but I’m sure it will sell eventually. You on the other hand are trying to scam people by offering them extreme lowballs

Ok scammer whatever you think is correct

I’m not saying you have to agree with me, I’m simply stating facts :slight_smile:

You trying to make your scamming look like legit , but you are still just a scammer

Just because you’re too poor to afford anything doesn’t mean that everyone is

You got a Moracha? Lets talk serious business.

Is ok scammer , try to scam more and better

They’ve got 50 bil to spend on AT ships, they sure as hell dont have a moracha

super cheap!

TBH he is right.

Everyone agrees Daredevil is a top tier frigate? Or does someone actually think daredevil is dumpster trash? For Virtuoso CCP were kind enough to give it in addition a covert ops cloak, nemesis torps and armor repair bonus. So do tell me, why is it trash?

An abyssal 99% web along with the hulls drug bonus (strong crash) results in torps applying on frigates. It hits like a freight train. Its like a black hole with an event horizon of 24km (web range) and everything within that is ripped apart and spaghettified.

this still exists in case anyone forgot

still selling

back to the top!