15b my offer

Retracted due to another buyout. Good luck mate

I will take this. Send ISK and account info please.

I pay 18

Wait !

Check this post out if you want another Rorqual

Name is important to me :slight_smile: I like your better ^^

Well, send ISK and details. Looks like the other guy doesnt want me anyways.

I’m back up for sale. Someone please bring me home with them.


Clean History // Positive Wallet
Jita 4-4 // 1 Remaps

No Kill Rights // No Jump Clones
**Omega ends Dec 1st.
**Employment history will update soon to show in NPC corp.

I pay transfer fee.
Starting bid 15b
B/o 25b



If you are still interested send ISK and details please

Home in 2 hours and will send

Awesome, I will be on

I can do 15.5 if your still accepting offers?

That’s fair you could take it for 15.5B friend

I will wait for you. I already said I was selling to you.

No problem was just too late. XD

It’s ok I don’t mind. It’s more isk for you friend. Go ahead a d sell to Phoenix!

I went to bed now switched pc off, the char is all yours buddy you got there first.