Selling myself
Password: 1234

Character is located in a High-Sec station

2 Bonus Remaps

Positive Wallet, Positive Standings

I will pay the transfer
Please allow an extra 12-24 hours for the transfer since I will be petitioning to use PLEX to transfer.

B/O 10b

Taking offers.



What is your connection password?

Starting from 6.5b

oh dear, I forgot about that sorry, post is updated with password


offering 7b

Current highest bid is Virginia Kit at 7bil.

If there are no higher bids after this response is 24 hours (1d) old, then I will accept Virginia’s bid.

Offer accepted, please send the isk and account details.

isk and account details sent

Isk and account details recieved.

CCP has been petitioned, will update with confirmation once I receive it from CCP

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