I’m for sale.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Itachi_XIII PW: abc123

Clones (all in lowsec stations):

  • HG Crystals with missile hardwirings
  • HG Snakes with gun hardwirings
  • HG Slaves with gun hardwirings
  • MG Crystals with missile hardwirings

No Killrights, positive Wallet, toon currently sitting in Jita.

Edit:Willing to accept a b/o of 180b, corrected link

165 bil

bumpity bump

I’m not seeing your Character Info on the pilot info. Can you repost it?

Read your post multiple times but still not sure what you excepct.
The link to eve skillboard is in the original post, password is abc123 as stated above.
What do you need? Maybe shoot me an eve mail.


It works now. Thanks


Another Bump

One more bump

Bump it.

Still on sale

Isk and acc name sent. Wait for transfer.

ISK received, transfer initiated.

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