As per Title.

Located in Jita 4-4 for your convenience.

Starting bid 30b
Reserve N/A

Auction lasts for 24hrs so untill 13.00 Eve time tomorrow Monday 4th of March.

30b :smiley:

32b :smiley:

33 !!!

BPC is still for sale!

Get it before the auction ends in just 1hr!

33.5b :slight_smile:

Limitless Love is unresponsive, so I accept your 33b bid

Setting up contract now

Since none of the bidders are replying, the Auction is continuing, since nobody seems to be legit offering anything…

Acepted the contract , my bad went to bed :smiley:

34 b?

Auction ended cya again next time! :wink:

Please delete this thread

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