As per title,

Located in jita 4-4 for your convenience

Starting bid 33b
B/O 38b

20b isk

28b isk.

30b isk

Almost at the starting bid, not gonna sell it for less than 33b guys, but thank you for the free bumps :slight_smile:

33b :slight_smile:

35b bid

Almost there guys!

3 more bill and we hit the buyout! :slight_smile:

The reserve has been met, and the auction will end in 24hrs at 09.00 Evetime tomorrow 26/3

You’ve contracted for a BPO which does not exist I’m afraid so I cannot accept this contract ^^

We are about to enter the final hour of this sale, current offer stands at 37.5b!

Contracted to DarthStar Four for 9000 plex.

awaiting response. Timer for acceptance is 12hrs (untill 21.00 Evetime)

If not accepted, it will go to the next highest bidder.

It is allowed to keep budding up towards the buyout if you wish, I will contract to you if you hit the buyout before the contract is accepted.

As DarthStar Four has retracted his offer it seems, contract is up to you for 35b Please accept within the next 12hrs or withdraw your offer.

Why not just keep the public auction going like you had it… You wouldn’t have to deal with these fake forum bids…

Contract to me for 35 if he doesn’t take it ?


If I don’t hear anything for the next 2 hrs I will contract to you

Contract up

Thanks !



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