As per title

Gotta sell quick, stolen from Test, must liquidate before they catch me!

Cba to post asking price but I want 400b :smiley:

Its practically a steal! (pun intended)

For extra salt extraction please comment on

P.S. Located in Jita 4-4 for your convenience

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LOL Friendly bump

well done :))))

I will buy 340Bisk

A bit far from my expected selling price :wink:

If you throw another 60 in its yours though :slight_smile:

Still here!
Still for sale!

Got 2 ingame offers of 400b

Still awaiting the 2x 400b bids to scrap the isk together!

Whoever announces to me they got 400b isk ready gets the contract!

BPC is still available untill the 2 400b offers get their isk gathered.

If you got it right now you can still steal it away! :slight_smile:

Still for sale!
Price is 400b!

message sent

and I’ve replied

Still here awaiting 400b offer !


Please delete thread

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