WTS Chemosh fitted with 3 x Capital T2 trimark
Basically a Dread Bhaalgorn.
Only serious buyers and offers. Nothing off topic please
Located in Black Rise NPC station.
B/O 45b

25b to get you started

Thanks but no thanks

Lol just cause you change the character you post with doesn’t hide the fact you just bought this a few days ago and are trying to flip it. Fair play though

Yes I bought it for 42b, I’m not hiding this fact. Just don’t need people like you blurping useless information no one cares about. There are no other being sold, so me asking 45b is fair

Thou shalt not flip.

Fair is a relative term, but because you just bought it and wanna get rid of it quick I’m willing to raise my offer to 30b.

I’m not looking to get rid of it quick :joy: where does it say fast sale? Nowhere

40b offer for this dank pvp vessel

Is this an actual offer? Considering you put a troll post on my character bazaar post

its serious. the post on character is just what i noticed :slight_smile:

I’ll give it till 20:00 Eve time. If no higher bid then you can have it for 40b.
BTW it’s fully T2 capital Trimarked

Current highest bid 40b. Will confirm soon

this is the kind of low energy fail flip i check these forums for

You have isk ready? I’ll have contract up in 20 mins

where is my chemosh? what a ruse

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