Pilot located in Jita 4-4
2 Jump Clones located in Amarr High-Sec
Sec. Status 5.0
No kill rights
Positive wallet and assets
ready for learning capital ships
Skills 111111
Starting with 82b
Buyout 92b
contact me with any questions
i’ll pay transfer via credit card


not agree, need more

Then why put 90bil as you starting bid lol good luck with the sale ill take my isk some where else

I would of paid Buy out lol

You have problems with perception, the starting price is 90b but not buyout price, 90b not enough

I was making a bid not a buy out my bid was 90bil I would of paid 110bil but not with the way you are

I congratulate you on this, and I indicated to you that 90bil for me it is not enough, but I am not going to lead discussions, if you are interested you can buy at the buyout price. I can even lower buyout price

someone will give more than 90b??

price been reduced

Offer 80b

81b offer

sorry for cancellation your bid, more pls

is not enough, give me a bit more and i will think

82b offer

offer 83b

little more

little more pls

85bil For a short time as bidding on other toons

If now actual i can take your bet, message me there or ingame

Ill will send isk and account name ingame now