Sold :)

(Sasheria Windsong) #1

Skill Sheet & Implants

Comes with full High-Grade Slave Implants + Omega
6% Turret Tracking Speed
6% Capacitor Capacity
6% Turret Damage
8% Armour Hit Points

Character has ‘Khanid’ Avatar Skin

Looking for 100billion

Positive Wallet

No Kill Rights

2 Jump Clones (Aeschee with +4 Implants) and (M-O) with Avatar implants

Currently located in M-O, but can easily move to lowsec when ready for sale

Attribute Map: 2 Remaps Available

(Sasheria Windsong) #2


(Sasheria Windsong) #3


(Draxind) #4

can you check your evemail please :slight_smile:

(Sasheria Windsong) #5

I have responded

(Draxind) #6

Re: avatar
From: Sasheria Windsong
Sent: 2017.08.28 04:11
To: Draxind,

Alright, I will accept that. Please send isk and account name

isk and account name sent. thank you

(Draxind) #7

yo what’s the hold up?

(Sasheria Windsong) #8

Oh I’m sorry, I completely forgot about this and went away for a day or two. I will start the transfer immedetly

(Sasheria Windsong) #9

The character is on its way to you :slight_smile:

(Draxind) #10

Haha had me worried there. Got the email this morning thank you