OK.Confirmation email and ISK have been sent to Rook Honne. Please check And start your role transfer.

Ok. At the moment I can only wait quietly. Happy cooperation

Is Jian Tsu still for sale?

If so - 27B bid. :-):pleading_face:

@Freya_Falconi @Gao_Mingming

""Hello, I am GM Kaora .

Thanks for taking the time to contact the Player Experience Team.

Please accept my apologies for this unusual delay in response, as we have seen an increase in requests lately and are doing our best to reach a solution for everyone in a timely manner.

The transfer has been completed as specified and the PLEX have been removed from the Vault. Please let me know if everything is in order.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
GM Kaora""

Enjoy your characters :slight_smile:

Jian is still for sale yes. Thank you for the bid, I will let her go for 29b :).

Sorry, 27 is all I can do, if you are happy to sell at that then let me know.

The character has been received, it feels great, , thank you for your help.Thank you Pusheen-Chan.a happy shopping

Still offering 27 for Jian.

I can do 28 for Jian, but I don’t want to go lower than that.

OK, thanks & GL with the sale.

2 Rorqual pilots still for sale!

2 focused max yield rorq pilots still for sale! Bishop and Jian!!

Still for sale!

Is Bishop still for sale?

Yes Bishop is still for sale.


Will let Jian go for 27b if you’re still interested / your offer still stands.

27 B\O

27b buyout accepted, send account info and isk to the character and I will start the transfer. :slight_smile: