Mostly stripped pilot who can pilot Exhumers and the Fenrir. Minmatar Freighter 1 is trained so Fenrir should be pilot-able. Skill would have been trained prior to Advance Space Command 5 being required.

He’s been in NPC corp since 2011
Positive wallet and sec status.
1 yearly remap plus 3 bonus.

Will be docked in hi-sec.

4.0b Starting bid.




Interested, will buyout for 4.3 Billion isk.

4.3b is accepted. please send ISK and account info and I can start transfer shortly.

Will start when I get home from work. Thank you

Home from work, I’ll be using a different account than this one, just a heads up.

Account info sent. 4.3 Billion isk sent to d Lio’s wallet. Waiting on conformation on Character Transfer for d Lio.

The transfer has been started. Please watch for the confirmation email from CCP.


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