Looking to sell myself. Positive wallet balance, No killrights, Docked up in the school the character belongs to in highsec.In NPC corp

Fly Trig stuff(Damavik,kiki,vedmak,leshak)
Legion pilot
Confessor and jackdaw Pilot
Sabre pilot
Amarr Frig 5
Phoenix Pilot (T1 guns, and siege)
Rorqual Pilot ( T2 indy core_
Capital Industrial Ships 4
Gila,Rattle Pilot

Looking for 50B buyout. Will take offers. Starting at 45B Will be using plex for the transfer.


38b offer, if you accept, pls dont move the char to highsec, because i have to bring him back, where he is now… you can quit corp but stay there pls^^

39B If you think so, please email me

41 billion

Will accept! Will transfer tonight after work after isk has been recieved. Plz dm what email you want sent too. @qingchun_leiwei

Please wait while I’m outside

No problem

I’ll call you before 20:00 Beijing time, China


Are you still there, please leave a role name qingchun leiwei Helping me buy, I am the actual payer

Yup still here. Will transfer upon receiving isk. At work at the moment. So will send after. I accept buyout of 41B upon receiving of isk

ISK Which ID to go to

Sergi yaken . Will transfer around 0300 eve time . Will pm picture of transfer aswell. What email or user do u want toon transfered too?

Pay within 5 minutes and will email you to your account

Yeah no rush. Will send verification of transfer around 0300 eve time after work to your in-game mail.

41Bhas been paid

transfer sent. enjoy!!

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