i see but the guy did’t confirm the deal for 2 days, and i’d like to buy it with 55b.

well if you’re offering 55b then i will let this run out till 20:00 tonight and if no one else bids i’ll accept your offer okay :slight_smile: .

i’d like to make the deal fast, because we are in different time zone.

if you do 56b i’ll accept it now, If not i don’t mind waiting for the other dude to reply i’m in no rush to sell this character.

Still for Sale! Bump

Can confirm i am for sale! \o/

57b. Need a couple hours to gather the isk

Okay let me know when you’re ready and i’ll accept


tell me where to send the isk and account name :slight_smile: will do it from Voreldrix Toralen . as agreed 57 b

Cool accepted send isk and account name to “Qo’noS”

ISK and account name received transferring character i will send you a mail in game to confirm

Character transfer has been complete you should receive it within 24hours o/