WTS 11.9m SP Pilot

Fielding offers on Grettodeaux

  • Full set of +4 implants
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Docked in Jita 4-4


EDIT: Added 8Bil Buyout.


Worth a few Bil to anyone?

No response, retracting bid

Ok well, thankyou for that 5 hour window, sorry I missed it.

Anyone else?

4B bid now

5b offer

Thanks for the offers guys, think i’ll let this run another day or two…

Can anyone get me above 5b?


One last daily bump I suspect.

5.1b offer

5,2b isk

5.3b offer

5,4b isk

5.5B can do now

5.6b isk

6B offer

6.1b isk

Thanks all for the continued interest, seems I’ve got a little bit of a timezone issue.

Will keep this up a little longer.

Adding a Buyout option of 8Bil, 8Bil takes the toon right away!

8bil buyout ready


8,5 bil