WTS 11.5mil sp pilot

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #1

Selling myself
11.5mil sp
0.0 sec status and neutral standings, no kill rights


7 bil start, 10 B/O

(Josh Shihari) #2

Ill start you off at 6.5B

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #3

well im holding out for a bit more but if nothing better is on the table by monday…

(Raeviin) #4

I’ll offer 8B B/O

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #5

i tell you what, make it 10 and you have a deal

(Raeviin) #6

Sorry about the slow reply, was lunch time for the mini-me’s.

I could meet you in the middle and do 9B, let me know if that works for ya

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #7

ok you got a deal, im off to bed now but i should be up to transfer the char in 9 hours, i will ifthe money has been transfered by then

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #8

so not had a reply in a day, so all other bids are welcome again

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #9

roll up roll up, woman looking for a new home! you can do what you want to her !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #10

price lowered 7 bil start 10 bill buy out, auction ends sunday

(Alocose) #11

7 bill

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #12

the bidding begins :smiley:

(Alocose) #13

By Sunday you mean this Sunday correct? (tomorrow)

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #14

yeah, not sunday on the 8th of november 2102 :stuck_out_tongue: if that date is a sunday ill die…

(Beekillrz) #15

7.5 bill

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #16


(Etherial Dyskrasia) #17

12 hours left, auction finishes at 12 eve time

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #18

well thats us over, ant BeeKillrz you are the winner, ill get transfering once you transfer the isk to me.

(Etherial Dyskrasia) #19

just a quick reminder to sent me an eve mail ingame with your account infor for the transfer.

(Beekillrz) #20

isk & mail sent