For Sale! 11 mil SP toon

(Cutmore) #1

I play eve from time to time and now is the time to sell mine old character.

Wallet is positive, no kill rights, no jump clones, and is located in hi space. Focuse is on drones and Ishtar. Next remap is 5 days.

First time selling so if i missed something let me know. :smiley:

(TxivYawg1) #2

5 bil

(4th Place Loser) #3

5.1 b

(TxivYawg1) #4

5.2 bil

(Cutmore) #5

i was hoping at least 6 bil…

(4th Place Loser) #6


(Cutmore) #7

at least 6 bil… 7 bil is buyout

(Cutmore) #8

give it 6 b and its done…

(Lady Kira) #9

B/O 6b

(Popo big) #10

6.2 here

(Miguel Balderian) #11

Buy out was already reached by another player… sorry

(Lady Kira) #12

you saig 6 and it’s done. That’s a biniding information about buyout for me

(4th Place Loser) #13

D. Purchasing and sales

Agreements on the forums or in game, or winning an auction does not guarantee a character will be transferred to you. The seller may choose to renege on a deal at any time, prior to the transaction being completed.

(Miguel Balderian) #14


(4th Place Loser) #15

Sorry and good luck.

(Cutmore) #16

Ok its sold…what to do next?

(Lady Kira) #17

to whom?

(Cutmore) #19

To you…

(Miguel Balderian) #22
  1. Announce the player that won your auction for the amount of agreed isk.

  2. The winner mails you the account name for you to transfer the toon to and send the agreed amount of isk to the toon being sold.

  3. You removal all isk and assets from the toon being sold.

  4. Transfer the toon on the website to the account name given.

  5. Post with the information that you have started the transfer.

  6. Enjoy your isk.

(Lady Kira) #23

ISK and Acc-data sent