11 mil Sp toon

I play eve from time to time and now is the time to sell mine old character.

Wallet is positive, no kill rights, no jump clones, and is located in hi space. Focuse is on drones and Ishtar. Next remap is 5 days.

6 bil starting bid


So you still wanna sell your Character? Can you afford the transfer fee this time?

yup i fix that :smiley:

You might want to fix the broken Eveboard while you’re at it…

If it’s still the same character as in the old disposal thread then the correct link would be:

sry i fixed that now

In that case I’d like to place my 6b B/O again

yeah sure . i think that is fair

ok send isk :smiley: so i can transfer it

Money send (From Lady Kira)

done! :smiley:

Character transfer completed. Thank you!

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