not sure if you were kidding when you mentioned your starting bid and b/o price :smile: but for sure, you ain’t going to get that much for this pilot. with that said, i will offer 50bil. i’m pretty sure you’re going to reject it but just want to throw it out there.

They are most likely wanting isk for the skins/implants as well. Which is within the rules to do.

but what they have might not be what the buyers want. you’ll never be able to find a buyer if you are asking him/her to pay for all of the skins and other sh!ts that cannot be taken away from the pilot.

Greetings, You are free to drop whatever you want, pilot. I am in no hurry to sell the character. And yes, 50b possibly you want to extract the sp and sell and make profit and it is accepted. But, I have no intentions that my character has that end. Anyway thanks for your bid, it is appreciated. :smile:

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70bstrong text

Thanks for your bid, but Im looking for a bit more.

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Waiting for your reply.

I accept your offer, contact me via email send isk and character to start the transfer .

I have sent you both ISK and account, please start transferring!

Ok thanks , gonna start the transfer in a moment . Will post here when the transfer start.

Transfer is done , may the force be with you.

Edited the Post and removed Accountinformations.