Character Sold

10B, ISK is ready sir

35 bil isk ready

No more bid? My last character John Wazi sold 41B

It certainly worth more than 35B


38 bil buyout

Can we wrap this up? :+1:

Look, this character can fly Super and some fax. It certainly worth more than 38B just think of the skillbook price.

39B bid buyout

I am considering your offer, no more bid?

40 bil

I need to go to bed now. Will make the conclusion when I get up. Good night


On my way to high-sec, just take a took at the assets you might get and think again about the price

I will go to sleep when arrive the high-sec with my precious implants

Let’s conclude it when I get up

All junk for me. If I bought the char, I would use HG Nirvana and other implants. So all those are useless to me. Ive bought other chars with 3 HG sets worth 10 bil, and those clones will just sit empty.

Well… implants and assets is something just give away. It does not count for the price of this character. But someone may like it and consider it as value added service :slight_smile:

By the way, there are also some loyalty points that just give away. If you don’t need it I can just sell them to the market.

if you dont stop spamming this thread it will get locked.

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oh and 41 bill lol

42 bil