Fire Sale combat focused 55m & 1.8m Unallocated SP character and give away some free treats

Account Sold

If you really want to have a quick sell, I can offer 15B and ISK is ready

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30 ready

31 then, I am ready. Please be nice to the Rookie and the price is very reasonable now.

35 ready

I am considering your offer… If there is no more bid this character goes to you.

I mean you

35.1 Ready

35.1B no more bid?

35.5B, Isk ready

36 b rn

36.5B and I pay the transfer

Thats against ccp rules my friend.

Sorry, I just read about this. My bad.

Only seller pays the transfer fee. If there is no more bid in next 3 hours it goes to you “Marcus Scipios”

37.5 BO



Edit : anyone who outbids by .1 can have the char he must have been searching down the sofa for loose change.

if you need any money for food please get in touch :wink: :wink:


If there is no more bid for 1 hour it goes to you