WTS myself!!!
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
No Jump Clones in active
1 remap available

all details @ link,

now in npc corporation!

all ccp rules applied i ll pay transfer fee,

the highest bid wins the auction.

65 bil

thanks for bid, but it’s a very low. Starting bid 90 bill

daily up.

85B isk

bid accepted

86 bil now

I will transfer the cash to your account within an hour, thank you

86 bil ready to transfer now …post if you agree.

Cash and character information have been sent

Hello. the bid of 85 bills is accepted as bid of the auction, not the winning auction bid…

87b offer

then please refund

If you can’t accept my offer then please return the funds to me as soon as possible, I have other uses

ISKs refunded

the auction will end on 21.01. 2023.
the highest bid wins the auction.

highest bid accepted - 87 bill (FUNNY HAPPY)

auction continues

If you can end this auction on 18.01.2023,i will pay for 90b

If you end it now i will pay 92 now

93b offer