94 offer

95b offer

95.5 offer

96b offer

97b offer

98b offer,but you said you will pay for 99b,you can change,i can too

I see the seller of this character is not to the word person. First he accepted some ones bid then he got greedy. So I back out. Funny happy offer 98 bil for it. So you buy it. Now dont go lowering your bids. Lol.

ok,if seller can end this auction on 18.01.2023,i will pay for 98b

I accepted the auction bid, I didn’t say anywhere that this bid was final

I will maintain this offer until 18.01.2023

daily up

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if the auction is still open, my bid is 99 bill

thanks for the bid.

the topic is open. forgive me for the untimely bump, after which the topic was closed for 2 days.

highest bid wins

MERY Luna auction winner, I am waiting for payment and ingame-mail with information to transfer character

mery luna don’t respond, so her bid is void, the auction continues!
Minimal bid - 90bill
BO - 100bill

Are you still available to buy? I can get the 100 B but in 5 days xd, well if no one offers I will get it on time the isk xd

Thanks for the suggestion. if no one offers earlier, you will get character, hurry up.