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Character located in jita 4-4, in NPC corp
No kill right, positive sec status, and positive wallet

Full set of improved implants

Starting bid : 20B
i will pay transfer fee

20B, asking for possible quick buyout price?

add B/O price : 30B

confirming my 20B intail bid

23 bil offer

24b offer

25 bil




27 bil


28 bil


29 bil

30bil. 2 day to ready transf, if interested

30B accepted, waiting for isk and account info to transfer tonight

30.5B ISK ready

Bid end tonight 20h00 GMT +1,
Higher bid will get this character

thats not funny and not fair. u place b\o, i gave it and now u change it. i wanna ask about that situation adm\mod about “that really legaly?”