Does not have a negative wallet
Does not have a negative security status
No killrights
No jump clones
Located in Amarr Trade Hub
No bounties
+5 Implants
I’ll pay the transfer fee via PLEX

Starting bid: 12B
Buyout: 20B


Daily bump

Not in any real hurry to sell. But I’d definitely like to see more than just 1 bid at 12B.
This toon can also be used as an SP farm, and already has been several times. I’ve got the +5 implants in it for that very purpose.

So come’on folks. Lets get those bids going :slight_smile:

14.5b I will honor bid for the next 24 hours.


Sounds fair. I’ll give it to the 22nd hour, if no one out bids, you’ve got a deal.

Roger, pm me with info when ready

It doesn’t look like anyone else is going to bid so. Call it a deal.

Send the ISK to this toon in game and an eve mail of the account to be transferred to.
As soon as all is received I will submit the support ticket to start the transfer process.

ISK sent, thanks.

Perfect. ISK received and transfer support ticket has been submitted. I have included a screenshot of the ticket in a eve mail as promised. Please be patient as it may take CCP a few days to process.

CCP has confirmed the transfer is complete. Please confirm you have received this character.

Sorry for the delay, yes it was received. TY

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