Skillboard Pass: 4321

Full High-grade Amulet Set

Fighters V
All other Fighter skills IV
Jump Drive Calibration V

Police Nyx Skin
Caille Neon Nyx Skin

Will be in NPC corp
Character in High Sec station

1 Bonus remap

B/O: 40 b

34 bil

Thank you but looking for starting of 41b :slight_smile:



35 bil


Hate to inform you but you have to be in a NPC corp from the time you start advertising the character is for sale

I am showing in NPC corp now

EDIT: 37bil offer (upped it a little to encourage you to choose me over the guy with the 35.5bil offer)

@MarketWh0re accepted, please send isk and account info

Thank you. Please allow me a few hours to finish the workday. Will send ISK and info as soon as I’m home. Thanks again.

no worries

@MarketWh0re are you still interested?

With no response from last offer, character is still for sale. B/O is now 40b


Ill take it for 37B

accepted, please send isk and account info and I will start xfer


Transfer started. Enjoy!