WTS 32M Perfect, 100% Focused NYX

All rules apply; positive sec, no KRs, located in Jita and I pay transfer.

EveSkillboard (password = 1122)


  • Good name
  • Short history
  • Gal Carrier 5
  • Fighters & Heavy Fighters 5
  • JDC 5
  • All relevant support 5
  • Rare & expensive skins, including Nyx and Erebus
  • Full +5 clone

34b isk ready

Daily bump

35B ready

Daily bump

Daily bump

What is your price ?

If you accept the offer, please agree as soon as possible.

Will consider offers over 40.

I offer 40B. Please let me know if you accept it.

Highest bid I have received so far is 41, will wait a couple more days and make a decision.

I didn’t see his bid. If he did, please ask him to reply.

Have not received any responses, still entertaining offers above 40.

If you accept 45B isk, please let me know.

@Moss_Asuna I’ll accept that, if you send ISK and account name I’ll start the plex transfer immediately.

ISK and email have been sent

ISK received, will open ticket to start plex transfer now. Will update soon.

Update: Ticket created, hopefully CCP responds quickly and transfers the character to you:

I haven’t received it yet. Please let me know when it’s finished.

No reply yet; usually takes 1-2 days for CCP to respond. Will let you know when they do.

I have received it. Thank you