Current SP: 150M

This character is one of the oldest ones currently still active, though he is really worth a great deal in extracted SP, players will understand the value of this character as he is one of a kind! These characters are very unique and there will always only be a very small number of them, now is your chance to own one of them.

Skillpoint Overview
:bangbang: Armor - 4.8 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Drones - 28.4 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Electronics - 12.4 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Engineering - 8.4 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Gunnery - 18.4 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Missiles - 11.9 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Navigation - 10.7 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Neural Enhancement - 3.8 SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Rigging - 4.2 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Scanning - 3.3 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Shields - 5.6 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Spaceship Command - 25.8 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Subsystems - 2 Million SP :bangbang:
:bangbang: Targeting - 3.2 Million SP :bangbang:

Next Available Remap in 2 months!

Offers for this character should be posted here.
In no rush to sell Hyperception, only serious offers will be considered.

Starting bid - 110Bil
Buyout - Hidden

Thank you for your time.


Let’s make this quick. I accept your 110 Billion ISK… Feel free to send me the ISK.

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

How much time does CCP Devs look into this transfer. Does it depend on us?!

Are you plex Transfer? Can you use US dollars for transfer?

I will only be able to make the transfer payment in the morning. CCP doesn’t accept PLEX cards as a payment method.

All right. I’m waiting for your transfer. If the transfer fails, please leave a message here

Rest assured that your investment is safe. We just need some time to complete the transfer after I made the payment for it on this day.

Let’s do the transfer after 10 hours from now

Let’s do the transfer after 10 hours from now.

I have another transfer in queue and it has been a long night… Will transfer Hyperception as soon as possible. Regards.

You can get started

Transfer in progress… “Will be completed after: 6/10/2020 8:34:17 PM”

Still processing transfer… Confirm.

Character successfully transferred. Confirm recipient to close the topic.

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