44bil offer

low, toon is 62m now bump


im sorry man but these toons are going for mid 30s right now. 80m sp for low 40b.

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idk what you are on but i will have some, as you can see already lowball offers above 43b, BUMP

You think all these people sitting on their characters for 3 months would see that. I’ve seen some people who were offered 40b-45b for characters, turned it down and now, 3 months later they’ve are being offered 30b-35b.


yet those offers are all below extract value? why would I ever sell a toon on here for below extract value

I wish just giving an example of deals i’ve seen fall through because people waited. For what it’s worth, extract value of yours seems to be 32b-33b, which has fallen a bit.

bump dd

bump 22

46b bid

offer accepted send isk and account info

sent ingame

isk/info received transfer initiated