As per title

Located in Jita 4-4

Asking price is 230b

Happy offering :slight_smile:

tiz hier mah boi come get it hot out the Guristas printing press!

Get it in build before the industry changes kick in! :slight_smile:

I just wondered if you sell keepstar cores?

Still here & forsale all reasonable offers will be considered! :smiley:

200b offer or 130b and researched 7/12 sotiyo BPO

up to the top we go still taking offers :slight_smile:

still here to the top kids! (price lowered)

mail sent

to the taaahp

Damn diz bpc getting dusty!

Back from holiday with the fam to the top!

Buy the BPC while they are cheap!

After redistribution they will get pricy AF again!

Straight to the moon it will go when next indy changes kick in!

Up up and away!

More of that up stuff

To the top!


Offering 150 for the bpc

Send IG mail to you :slight_smile: