Fresh Ganker for sale.

EveSkillboard - Gyphonn

Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
Located in Highsec, Jita 4-4.
90K unallotted SP
1 Remap

I pay for the transfer.

starting bid 7.0B
B/O make me an offer.

Bid retracted

Already assigned, delete quotation

Still for sale. Open to fair offers.


i bid 6,5

6.5B excepted. Please send ISK and your account information and I’ll start transfer.

No reply from the last bidder, so I’m still available. Open to reasonable offers.




I’d Go 6BIsk if still available

I bid 6.25B

I will accept Aask3’s bid for 6.25B.

Send isk and account info in game.

Great! I will do it tonight! Thank you.

I have sent the isk and account name.

ISK and account information received. The transfer has been started. Enjoy!

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