Gun JK Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Security status 5.0
Currently NPC Corp
Wallet balance - 16m
No Kill rights
Located in high sec - Moselgi IV
No Clones, High-grade Ascendancy 1~6

Start at 70b
buyout at 76b


Offer Withdrawn.



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65B, ready to transfer.

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Keep going! Bump!


hi mate, 67b

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69B (Noice) :sunglasses:

bit will be end at 10.31.


76bil buyout, if you accept Iā€™m available now, otherwise later today as I go to work shortly

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Send me info, isk. Thx!

Confirming I will send isk and info later today when I return home :+1:

i got it. i can wait for 2~3hours today. (GMT+9).

Isk and info sent, very long day today, sorry for the wait

good. Transfer is now started. thx

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