Hearing resonable offers, not selling for extractor value

Min Bid: 28b
B/O: something that fancies me

positive wallet, will be in Jita 4-4 by time of transfer, 2 remaps avail, positive sec status



Ref: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

thread will re-open in 24 hours.

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After a mistake, bumping within timeframe now!

20 bi

25MIL _ Offer

srry too low, if i extract and sell i make 28b

if you can match min bid of 28b, and no more offers come within 24 hours i’ll sell

@Apocks_Leon Highly doubt you 're even gonna get above 25b by skill extracting, UNLESS you manage to sell at ratio of 0.5b profit per extracted LSI, and that’s before taxes and such, and the present market conditions barely allow for 0.4-0.45b IF you sell through private contracts which would proly take over a month to get rid off.

That’s a trader’s opinion ofc, you decide the price.

thanks for the input, you might be right lemme redo my math…

Anyway since stated in OP, im not selling for extracting value (i can do that myself) so min bid stays unless as a trader you have any suggestion

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I can give 26mil As i need this account to main ( I Appriciate it has good Name but few randome skills but Really good Drone skills)

if you can match the 28b you got a deal just to sell now that im online

30bil rn

sold, loggin on char now, please send isk and account details

Sensibale Sausage has not yet sent isk and acc info, bid ackowledged and its the new current highest bid (30b) unless retracted.

Sale still ongoing, if someone matches or offers more than him before he replies here with “isk and account info sent” gets the character

30.5 bil

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accepted, send isk and acc info to start xfer