WTS 136ml character Any proper price can get this character
This is my main since beginning 2016.

Doing it out of curiosity if any good price, ill sell (looking for above 100b)

In npc corp (Center for Advanced Studies ) / positive wallet / no killright on it / + sec status
In Jita 4-4 with 4 clones w/ implants / MG Amulet / MG Asklepian / HG Asklepian full set / HG Nirvana full set (worth around 6.5b)



90bil in hand.

Ill give a 24h
If your the highest bidder we’ll talk
Fine for you ?

rather not wait.

Let me know

Join in game to chat then

Still for sale :slight_smile:

80b offer.

@Darkstone_One link to skillboard is broken. can you fix that? i would like to see the skill list. thanks!

should work now
let me know
already got 90b offer, so please mind that in next offer

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[Edit @ISD_Drew] - re-opened.

Little Bump for the re-opening :slight_smile:

its fixed now

91b have isk in hand for quick purchase

92bil b/o

93b b/o now

I’ll let go at 98b

powerless :yum:

If you can accept 93b our can deal right away.