Do you have any price in mind? This is a LOT of stuff to sift through

I know nothing about Industry so take this with a boulder of salt, but if we average it out and assume each BPC is worth 500k (this would seem to be a low estimate), thats 500k x 8000 = 4b.
On the plus side, if you put in a bid for 1b and are the only bidder, then you get the contract…

Lol, I’m still working the first 4k+, Ill take a pass on this one

1 Bill, to get the ball rolling…

First bid has been made.
Bidding still open, will end in 40 hours and BPCs will be contracted to highest bidder.

24 hrs left on bidding.

I’ll bid 2.5b

bidding closed. Contract made to buyer. contract accepted…thread closed.

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