2b for the pack

And I will give you the tip to set up to 1.998 items in 1 contract.

Bidding still open. Thread will close and items contracted in 24 hours if no further bids. –

2.1 b


2,3b bid

I’ll up this to 3b.
Btw I believe you can just put the BPO’s in containers and issue the contract for the containers.

3,25 b

I’ll up to 4b

I’m out, I need the ISK elsewhere
wink wink

bidding closes in 12 hrs, contract will be made to highest bidder

bidding closed, contract made to buyer. contract accepted…thread closed.

Thank you!! That was a very nice collection of BPOs!

Glad to hear! Hope you make lots of isk with them :slight_smile:

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