Still for sale


Perimeter TTT. All ojn public contracts now but open to offers for bulk purchases

I take all in one go if u make me a good price :heart_eyes:

Please hit me up via in game mail I’m interested in picking up the lot, I smell a lowball from salesgirl for reselling lol

I mean , I usually stop it but he seems like he needs help selling so i figured I make an offer , but yea I take the lot for 20b :blush:

theres about 30bil worth of researched BPO’s. 20b isnt even close to a decent offer

lol I just calculated them on the penny. its exactly 26.8b what are u smoking :smiley:

Forget about it. Why did I even bother cough

ISK 27,810,000,000.00

when i checked contracts 2 days ago :slight_smile:

So how do you get to 30b… did you round up :rofl:

ive sold 2 earlier, didnt notice til i just looked at my contracts in game.

Then update ur forum post before letting us make offers and call them low… grrrrrrrrr

The rest is worth exactly 26.8b anyone paying more can pick whatever he needs of contracts right now , you got my offer good luck

All Sold, thank you

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