Want to sell these 3 station spinning suitcases :slight_smile:
All 3 located in Aurohunen NPC station.
Im in no rush to sell these. Price is fixed, so low balls will be ignored.

1 x Chemosh - 85 - SOLD
1 x Dagon - 80 Bil - SOLD
1 x Loggerhead - 70 Bil Appraisal zVrbOb @ Jita 4-4 split: 3,885,372,050.00 ISK | Janice

Contact here or Evemail. Discord preferred: Brockers

Dagon sold, Chemosh and Loggerhead still available.

Still have these 2 station spinners for sale :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

80b offer for the Chemosh, I don’t need those particular rigs.

Rigs are fitted for that particular fit.

Doesn’t change my offer

82B offer

Thought you had 2 of these already :slight_smile:
Contract up on Charles.

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Just the Loggerhead left. Any offers close to asking price welcome.

60b for loggerhead no fit

you able to get bpcs??

64b no fit

63b and ill do it. send it over

Contract up

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