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2019 character with 5.8m SP of which 303k are unallocated.

+3 implants
0.0 Sec status
Positive Wallet
Annual plus 2 bonus remaps
No Faction/Corp standings
Docked near Rens

Mining Barge 5, ready to inject Exhumers
Astro 5, Repro 5, Repro Efficiency 5, Ice 5

Indy 5, Lab Op 5, Research 5, Science 5, Metallurgy 4

6.0 Billion

Will be adding 75k more unallocated SP today.

i’ll bid 5.5 bill

Accepted, send over account info and ISK and I can start transfer process.

Isk and Info sent!

Transfer has been started.


Transfer complete thank you!