Selling myself to the highest bidder.

Located in Jita - wallet with 0isk
Remap available with 1 bônus
Born in 2012
Sec status positive
NPC corporation
Kinda clean corporation history
Kinda clear zkb history

Pilot focused on Aeon, also good Archon/Apostle with perfect jump skills.

Perfect Jumping skills
Heavy Fighter 5
Light Fighters 4
Capital Ships 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Most support relevant skills are 4/5
Char can instantly jump into Aeon and go combat

Starting bid: 47.5B
Buyout: 55B

I will try to close this by [29/10 Around 8/10PM GMT]

ps.: Not checking IGN mail
Thank you.

WTB 500E

Need you to convert this and post the value here in ISK.
I will not accept anything else.
Thank you.

ps.: Will try to close this today, around 8/10PM GMT

50b B/O

if you are ready, transfer the amount and I will start the transfer

Give me 5 minutes.

Isk and account details sent

Transfer has started.
“Will be completed after 10/30/2023 3:11:10 AM”

Thank you!

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