Selling 39 mil SP toon, does have 1 mil concord LP as well.

Wallet: 1 mill isk
Kill rights: None
Remap available: Yes + 1 Bonus remap
Location: Jita 4-4 in npc station
Security Status: Positive

Looking for 30bil

Got your character sheet handy?

Apologies added now

20b offer to get you started.


23b offer


is 30 bil buyout?

Correct, willing to think about offers close to that


Iā€™m lowering the buy out to 28bil

If this character is a good warrior, I will pay 28B for it. PM me.

i could do 26.5b, offer valid til the end of this week

28B isks and accountdetails send to Rasto.

Many thanks

Character transfer started

Transfer Character _ EVE Online ā€” Mozilla Firefox 03_11_2023 10_32_23

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