I was off for a long time and back in the days I used this Lady as Gallente Capital Char. No further need, so I and want to sell it now.

Character from 2007
I am the creator, this will be the first character transfer.

387’500 Skillpoints unallocated

1 bonus remap
No bounty
No Killrights
Highsec location (3 out of Jita)
Security status positive
Jump Clones to

  • Kamon III Mercantile Club Bureau)
  • Thakala III - Moon 21 - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility

Bidding from 75b
Buyout 90b

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Ill give you 80 bill BO rn

Thank you for your offer. Lets meet at 85 bil.
And what does “rn” means?

I already bought another toon. My offer no longer stands sorry

65B offer

Thanks for your offer, but 65 bil is too short.

70b - ngl im surprised by the lack of Light Fighers training :slight_smile:

80b bo

Accepted. 80 bil is ok.
Send me the ISKs and the account name.

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isk and account name sent

ISKs received.
Transfer initiated.

Character received

Character sold!
Please close.

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