WTS 35m Character Open for bids! (starts 25b) SOLD! Thank you!


(positive wallet)
2 kill right
3 jump clones (2in non dockable station 1 in jita 44)
34m sp can ride caldari battleship V Minmatar cruiser V GOLEM TOO(forgot this)
6b in skill book (mostly capital)
can ride caldari gallante carrier
can ride moros
can ride nomad etc.

about 7b estimate in Skin

Only clone id 118833204 is in dockable station (jita 44 highsec)
Starting bid 25b
B/O 30b
Sorry ISD

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Your skillq link is non-public

25b offer

I hope it is up now :slight_smile:

sorry the highest bid i got so far is 30B looking for a bit more ty for the bid thou

26b bid

Thank you for the offer looking for just a bit more with b/o of 30b :slight_smile:

28 b/o offer

Juts a bit more! Thank you for the offer :slight_smile:

Brother, I’m looking at this and it brings tears to my eyes. https://zkillboard.com/character/2121099775/

Hahahahah shhhhhhhhhhh

If it does not reach the b/o of 30B until today DT offer retracted

30b is a lot. 29 final offer

kk accepted so… How do i proceed? Sorry my first time. (I get that ill pay for the fee in the eve store but after and before that. idk

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I’ll transfer the money to this character SilentStorm67 and send the account name for the transfer via in-game mail. After receiving the ISK, please confirm here on the forum that you have received the money and proceed to your personal account to initiate the character transfer. I will be home in about 2.5 hours and will transfer the money immediately.

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Kk I might be in sleep after 2.5hrs but I will try my best ty!

isk has been sent.