Thanks ^^ FYI I don’t like how you made an I’m out post then edited it to be a higher bid, that’s kind of dirty, so I will reply to every message you send ^^

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Sorry it was not anything against you, just woke up in the morning decided id do a little more bidding on this auction as its still open and retracted my last post to continue.

That makes sense, cleaner than a double post.

sounds good how do we get this started then

Sorry Something came up so i cant send the isk right away but some time before i go to bed (the next 4-6 hours) i will send 12.5b to both Steelo1974 and Steelo1975 along with an eve mail that will have the account name for the character transfers!

Isk and eve mails sent! Please let me know when you star the transfer

Will start the transfer once I finish work tonight

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Both transfers have been started for you

Have you received the characters?

Characters have been transferred thank you for purchasing

Sorry just got home to double check i have both characters! thank you!!