Sold **

(Captian Joe Black) #1

  • Cybernetics 5
  • Can fly Prospect
  • Cyno 5

Great for SP Farm as well

4.5b buyout

In highsec, Pos wallet, no kill rights

(Captian Joe Black) #2

buyout set to 4.5b

(ViceMRSA) #3

4.5b, isk ready

(Captian Jay Rock) #4

wrong char 1 sec

(Captian Joe Black) #5

Sold to ViceMRSA

please send isk and account name

(ViceMRSA) #6

Are both still available?

(Captian Joe Black) #7

that guy backed out. both are still for sale. I would take 8.5 for both

(TheDancer Girl) #8

I will give 8,5b

(ViceMRSA) #9

I’ll take both for 8.5.

(Captian Joe Black) #10

ViceMRSA, sold
for 8.5

(TheDancer Girl) #11

9b maybe?

(ViceMRSA) #12

Great, Captain Jay Rock & Captain Joe Black the two characters?

(Captian Jay Rock) #13

confirming selling this toon as well Vice please send 4.25 to each toon

(Captian Jay Rock) #14

TheDancer, I am giving vice 5 min to make payment, if he backs out your up next :wink:

(Captian Jay Rock) #15

its “Captian”

(ViceMRSA) #16

Isk sent x2

(Captian Jay Rock) #17

isk recieved. sending chars now VIce

(ViceMRSA) #18


(Captian Joe Black) #19

please mail me the account name

(ViceMRSA) #20

Evemailed Captian Joe Black, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: