Hello Rich Collectors and Producers it’s your time to snipe this awesome T2 BPO now :moneybag:

The Anathema T2 BPO Is located in Kakakela 2 Jumps from Jita and is Fully Researched 10/20

  • Starting Bid 100b

  • Buyout 115b

Ending is 24h after somebody bids over the minimum of 100b. If that doesn’t happen the auction might go on for the next few weeks. Good luck!

Also every offer below is very welcome to see who is interested in it or seen as a free bump Thanks! :sunglasses:

How are you valuing the Anathema BPO at 100B?

What do you mean?^^

Just wondering where you are getting 100b/115b from?

Every T2 Ship BPO I have seen going for 100b+ , getting it for 81b is really lucky and cheap (You can search the entire forum) and some even go for 300b. Big Lynx just sold his Mackinaw BPO for 250b , in the end it all comes down to the buyer… it’s a collectors item and not really an Item which will pay itself of.

I have personally never seen one cheaper then 81b
Thats why I instant bought it could have been a bad decision or not idk. only time will tell and worst case it will get into my Collection :moneybag:

I hope that answers your questions :slight_smile:

that ■■■■ aint worth it bro lmao… We dont care HOW many bpos you see that high.

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Thats your opinion and I respect that , thanks for the free bump!

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We have a bunch of bpc’s We were collecting for stuff one day. We love making stuff ourselves. :slight_smile:

We cant believe a t2 bpo would be valued so high. Its not you, We are not trying to bash your post. To those who want genuine t2 bpos which are rare … We can totally understand the value is rather beside the point. At least monetarily speaking. Good luck with your sale!

Still going

90b Ingame offer.

To the top

To the top!

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