[Solved] EVE Online Client Error with OCLP 1.3.0 / Ventura 13.3.1

Eve Online Client (not launcher) crashes before showing character selection screen.
Anyone else here using OCLP to prolong their Mac’s useful life? Have you had this problem and been able solve it?

My system:

MacbookPro 11.3
	Ventura 13.3.1
	OCLP 1.3.0
EVE Launcher:
	Launcher Version: 2377803
	Launcher UI Version: 6.6.16
	QT:  5.15.2
Eve Client Version:

Eve updated, cache cleared, and tested today before making this post.

EVE LogLite trace:

Executable = /Users/user/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/SharedCache/tq/EVE.app/Contents/Resources/build/bin64/exefile

I’ve had OCLP/Ventura installed on my Mac since December 2022 and was able to play Eve until late April 2023. However, due to Eve Client code changes released in a patch after April 21, 2023, I haven’t been able to play Eve at all since then. Each time OCLP is updated, I test Eve to see if I still have this issue. To-date my situation has not improved, though the error messages reported in LogLite are different now compared to what they were then.

I’ve raised several tickets with CCP support, but the problem hasn’t been resolved, largely due to ‘other-end-itis’. Since my subscription is coming up for renewal soon, I want to get this fixed otherwise I will cancel it.

Below is the text of the support ticket I just submitted. I want to make this transparent as I am tired of being brushed off with the usual ‘other-end-itis’ styled responses that are solely visible to the individual raising the issue.


I have an old Macbook Pro (11.3, mid-2014) on which I have installed OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OCLP) in order to extend the useful life of my computer. OCLP allowed me to install the Ventura OS (13), in fact, it also allows me to install Sonoma, though I have not yet done so.

When I first installed OCLP in December 2022, all my applications, including Eve Online, Unity, Webots, iMovie and other sophisticated graphics intensive applications, ran well. I want to emphasise that all these applications, EXCEPT for Eve Online, STILL run correctly .

The last time I was able to play Eve Online was on the 21st of April 2023, four months after I installed OCLP. On the 22nd of April, I updated my Eve Online installation and to my horror, I was not able to play Eve after that update. It is not difficult to understand that if something worked BEFORE an update but not AFTER, then it is the UPDATE that is the PROBLEM!!! Not the client’s computer!

Thus, since the 22nd of April 2023, I have not been able to play Eve Online. Each time OCLP and Eve Online updates are released, I update my computer and test Eve Online, but the Eve Client still crashes on every attempt. What is MOST FRUSTRATING is that there is NO USEFUL INFORMATION generated from the crash. LogLite is shite!!!

Other than not being able to play Eve, because of this problem, my training plan has run-out and I am unable to configure the training of my character! So I have lost more than 8 months of boosted character training.

I have raised several support tickets relating to this issue, and others, in the past, but nothing has been done on the CCP side. The standard response is that the problem is on my side and I should try clearing my cache, reinstalling Eve, etc. The response to my last ticket was that OCLP is not supported and that CCP has no obligation to fix the Eve Client. As a seasoned programmer, including systems programming, I am tired of this ‘other-end-itis’ mentality!

So, with my subscription coming up for renewal next month, if this ticket is not taken seriously and CCP does not make a concerted attempt to solve the problem, I will NOT RENEW.

Here is what need done in order to enable me to renew my subscription:

  1. LogLite is improved so as to trap the actual ERROR that causes the client to crash, make LogLite report this to the user in a meaningful way.
  2. If LogLite is not able to produce such information, then some alternative mechanism needs to be designed and implemented; e.g. command line switches selectable from the Launcher.
  3. CCP must recognise that they don’t have exclusive programming knowledge and that many of their customers are competent and motivated to help solve complicated problems.
  4. Some form of interactive (not necessarily real-time) support needs to be introduced to allow CCP support staff to observe what is happening at the client’s side, enabling guided debugging to be enacted.

Before submitting this support ticket, I updated to the latest OCLP, 1.3.0 and updated my Eve Online to the latest version via the Launcher. I am including the LogLite output that was generated when I tried to run the client.

I really want to get this issue FIXED so that I can renew my subscription, but its kind of pointless to renew when I am unable to play the game.

Thank you in advance for your interest,
Napoleon BlownApart

Have you tried an alternative, like just updating your OS to macOS Big Sur? It’s still supported by EVE.

Thanks, but Big Sur is a downgrade. Ventura is already old, since Sonoma is available, but Ventura is a minimum requirement for other applications I need for my work.

Further communication with CCP staff

----- (From CCP)

Hey there, Napoleon BlownApart,

GM xxxxxxx here! I hope you’re doing well. I’ll be helping you today.

I understand your frustration and can sympathize, however, even though I would love to be able to meet your requests for the improvement of our tools, we as agents of customer support simply have no input on the developtment of the game. If you want and need support for your third party application or older OS, and if you want to request and update for LogLite and other debug tools, I suggest sharing your feedback on our forums, because at least it will gain some visibility and hopefully contribute to better changes.

As for the months of Skills training you’ve lost, I can move your ticket to our Gameplay queue so that our GMs there can take a look into the situation and see if a Skill Points reimbursement would be possible.

Let me know if you wish me to proceed with the transfer, and if there’s anything else I can help with.

Best Regards,
GM xxxxxxx
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

----- (Too CCP)

Thanks xxxxxxx, but if I can’t play the game, training is a moot point.
As for being an agent of customer support, I am disappointed to hear that. It’s telling me that there really isn’t any actual customer support, only placation.

Perhaps you can forward my suggestions to those who have the ability, and hopefully the desire, to fix my problem. If my problem isn’t fixed, I will not be renewing my subscription next month.

----- (Too CCP)

As for posting on the forum, I am replicating this chat log in the forum thread. I’m tired of CCP brushing these kinds of issues aside while exploiting the notion that no-one else is able to see what’s (not) happening. If you look at my other tickets, most of them have not been actually solved though their status was changed to show they are.

I have already posted the text of my ticket in the Mac Issues forum, but it hasn’t attracted any meaningful responses:

This ticket:

Same question from July 2023:

I have been able to find solution, though I’m still not a 100% sure what the problem was.
I updated to Sonoma (MacOS 14.2.1) and ran OCLP’s “Post-Install Root Patch”.
After the update, Eve works fine.

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