Eve Client crashes on Macbook Pro 11.3 with OCLP

Anyone else here have problems with the EVE Online client (not launcher) crashing immediately after it loads (before it shows the UI)?

My Macbook Pro 11.3 (2014), though Metal2 compatible is not supported by Apple’s Ventura OS (13.x). Thanks to some skilled people in the Mac community, the OpenCore Legacy Patcher extends the life of older Macs by enabling installation/upgrade to Ventura.

I’ve been running OCLP since Dec 2022 and was able to play Eve until May this year, when something in EVE changed and ever since then my client crashes on startup (though the launcher works fine). I’ve updated to the latest OCLP version 0.6.7 and am running Ventura 13.3.1, but the problem persists. I will upgrade to 13.4.1 shortly to see if that helps.

I’m wondering if others have had the same problem I’m having and if anyone has been able to overcome it. Is there a fix for this? If not, we should let the OCLP guys know about this so they can investigate. I have posted about this on their Discord server but haven’t had a response yet.

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