Latest OsX Launcher (Aug 16th) won't run on 10.11.6

I tried to login a couple of hours ago, and watched a new launcher binary come in again but to my dismay this version won’t run.
“EVE Launcher cannot be opened because of a problem.”
“Check with the developer to make sure EVE Launcher works with this version of OS X”
I understand that CCP said they no longer support 10.11.6 “El Capitan” and although I have plenty of power to run EvE, it has been considered Obsolete by Apple and I cannot upgrade the OS any further.

MacPro (Before the Dustbin style came out).
2 x Quad Core Xeon’s @ 2.8Ghz
22 Gb RAM
ATI Radeon HD 5870

Do I tip my cap and say goodbye to the only game I still enjoy or am I reading too much into this?

I’ve given up on playing EvE on my 2009 MacPro, although I could upgrade the OS to Mojave since I flashed my machine to be 5,1.
BUT I won’t do it because of various reasons (workhorse, peripherals, etc.).

I play EvE now on a laptop from the same era, which works fine for me (in potato-mode).

Since the Mac-Client isn’t even native but runs in/on WINE (which is also true for Linux), it doesn’t make any sense to use the Mac for playing EvE …

Depending on what you do in EvE, maybe a cheap Windows-machine is an option?
You could also try bootcamp …